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 Carpets, rugs and our furniture are a pleasant decoration to our living room and other areas in the house, they transform the overall look of the place and can make the ambiance feel good.  But because we frequently used them, they are bound to get grimy because they gather more dust and dirt making it unsafe for everyone especially to those who are suffering from asthma and allergies. We need to get rid of this problem by having it clean only by the experts.

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Portland Carpet Cleaners with our team of best professionals, offers services that your home needs. Check out our list of cleaning services and be familiar with the methods on how we handle your carpets, rugs, and upholstered furniture with utmost care.


The most popular service that we are offering which makes us well-known in the area is our special carpet cleaning services. Our professional carpet cleaners are very handy and all of them have a lot of experience in handling your carpet properly. With the right tools, reliable equipment and effective cleaning products, we can bring back the beauty of your carpets the safest way. We have a lot of methods you can choose from and all of them carry out a desirable result.

  • Steam Carpet Cleaning

Steam cleaning is also known as warm or hot water extraction. A professional cleaner will only use state-of-the-art cleaning equipment in steam cleaning your carpet. This is very efficient because it gives your carpet a deep-clean leaving no dust and dirt behind. It is very suitable for those who have family members who suffer from asthma and allergies because it completely removes bacteria, dust and allergens making the environment safe and free from health problems.

  • Bonnet Cleaning
    • This method is famous for businesses especially in hotels and offices because it washes away the dirt and stains in the carpet quickly without disturbing visitors and clients. Our experts are very careful with this method because it will give a bad impact if used on the wrong type of carpet. We recommend this type of cleaning only for thin and very robust carpeting then suggest follow-up with an antimicrobial agent in order to sanitize the carpet.

    • Dry Cleaning

    Dry cleaning is also referred to as Encapsulation. In this kind of method we don’t use water to clean your carpet making it the most convenient for it doesn’t require drying time. An encapsulation chemical is applied, scrubbed then vacuumed afterwards.


    The most precious thing in the world. Not everyone has it and most of us waste it to nonsense and unproductive work. Don’t let a tedious job take all your time when you can inquire for professional help. Not only that you save yourself from doing it, but you also save your family from health risks that may come along the way if you prefer to do the cleaning on your own. So go relax and spend your time with your loved ones and leave the hassle of cleaning to the experts because they always know just what to do.



    Your upholstered furniture needs to be cleaned and sanitized, especially your couch and chairs because it’s where your family members usually sit, eat, and relax most of the time. Leaving the germs and dirt behind will damage your couch easily. You can have it cleaned by yourself regularly but asking the help of a professional is highly recommended because they have the right tools and equipment that your furniture needs. Portland Carpet Cleaners is always ready for the job so seek help from our professionals and take good care of your investments.

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